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Welcome to our resources section! Here you will find information such as our Bridal Attire Checklist and advice for when you shop for your wedding gown! Please be sure to check back soon for updates.

Trousseaux delivers the best of both worlds to all brides. Based on our love of designer fashions and the care we put into our product line, we at Trousseaux will ensure you have peace of mind while planning your bridal experience.


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Trousseaux Bridal gowns in many different styles for different tastes, men's tuxedos are also included

A recent client said...

Dori agreed to custom make my veil. I bought the rhinestones & she made it the veil of my dreams; trimmed in black with rhinestone Playboy bunnies. One of a kind & it is so me. I love it & can't thank her enough. Everyone says the wedding dress is talked about the most; my veil made the outstanding impression that I wanted & now my veil is the talk of the wedding.

Angela and her maid of honor wearing Trousseaux dresses
Kane Bride