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  1. Give you honest (but gentle) opinions as you try on dresses.
  2. Weep (along with your mom) when you finally emerge from the dressing room wearing ‘The One.’
  3. Create a ‘tasteful’ bachelorette-party wardrobe for you — diamond tiara, fluffy pink boa.
  4. Offer to do your hair and makeup on the wedding day.
  5. Stuff 167 candy-favor bags without complaining or eating one single jellybean.
  6. Record gifts at your bridal shower (in legible handwriting).
  7. Run out to pick up last-minute items on the wedding day.
  8. Call you out for bad behavior (i.e., making the matron of honor promise not to get pregnant before the wedding).
  9. Lend you a shoulder to cry on when the stress gets to be too much.
  10. Spend the night before the wedding at your place to talk, laugh, and calm your nerves.
  11. Decorate the outdoor-reception venue in scorching afternoon heat, minus any whining.
  12. Start dancing to get the reception crowd up.
  13. Give your mom special attention at the wedding — it’s her day, too.
  14. Deal with the DJ the second he starts spinning “Who Let the Dogs Out,” which she knows is song number one on your “don’t play — ever!” list.
  15. Text you post-honeymoon for drinks on Thursday night… like always.

Nancy Mattia from BRIDES, July 2010



Randy Fenoli, star of TLC’s Say Yes to the Dress

and fashion director of Kleinfeld Manhattan,

offers his shopping savvy to help on your hunt

  • DO start shopping early. “Making a dress is like building a house — it takes time for all the components to come together,” says Fenoli. Unless you’re buying off the rack, the basic rule is to order your dress eight months before the wedding. This allows enough time for initial manufacturing, as well as fittings, alterations, and any last-minute issues.
  • DON’T travel with an entourage. “Your appointment shouldn’t be a circus; too many opinions will make your decision difficult,” says Fenoli. Consider carefully whom you want in that dressing room. “Your crew needs to be on the same page — which means understanding how you want to look and how much you want to spend. If you don’t think someone will be supportive, don’t ask her to come with you.”
  • DO be honest with your consultant. Lying to her will prevent her from doing her best work. Fenoli cautions: “Be straightforward about your budget and style concerns from the start.”
  • DON’T try on gowns that are beyond your budget. Falling in love with something you can’t have is never a good idea. “When you try on a twenty-thousand-dollar dress you can’t afford, not only do you waste a good deal of your appointment time, but every other dress will look inferior by comparison,” warns Fenoli.
  • DO keep an open mind. Even if you’re sure about the type of dress your want, don’t disregard other looks. “This is a learning experience, so try on several gowns. Your consultant knows what works on your body — trust her to lead you in the right direction.”
  • DON’T let the extras sabotage your budget. “Little things add up. Be sure to factor in the cost of your headpiece, shoes, jewelry, and alterations,” says Fenoli. “These are the costs brides forget about most.”
  • DO embrace your body as it is.
  • DON’T diet to fit into a dress.

Taken from BRIDES, July 2010


Chinese Labor Shortage

Dear Bride To Be,

As I feel it a necessary responsibility of all bridal stores to keep their clientele abreast of the latest on goings overseas I am providing you with the most recent notification I have received from my vendors.

How will the Chinese labor shortage affect you?

Have you heard about the problems in China?

Is your gown running late?

Are you waiting to order your gown until next year?

If you have ordered your gown and it’s running late, YOU ARE AFFECTED. If you are waiting to order until closer to your wedding date, YOU WILL BE AFFECTED. Almost ALL bridal gowns and fabrics are produced in China. The companies may be based in the US, but the gowns are not made here.

Due to a combination of factors (labor shortages, workers demanding higher pay / better working conditions and stricter scrutiny at US Customs) gowns are running behind from most manufacturers. In fact, these companies are not longer accepting RUSH orders for gowns.

I strongly suggest that if you have intentions of purchasing a private label gown or for that matter any of the other lines I carry that you contact me immediately to make arrangements to get measured and place you deposits in order to secure current pricing.

If you are waiting to order until closer to your wedding you will have longer delivery times and most importantly your gown in going to cost more. I am beginning to receive letters from our manufacturers stating the price of goods out of China are going to increase 20 to 30 percent as soon as August 1. All silk dupioni fabric will be increased 85 percent due to weather conditions in India and China.  Shoes and headpieces are also being affected.

Weddings are stressful enough… don’t delay in ordering your gown. There is no need for you to pay more or be needlessly worried about its delivery. I’ve included some links to articles regarding the situation in China: -- Companies brace for end of cheap made-in-China era. -- Chinese Labor Shortage, US Problems. -- Defying Global Slump, China has Labor Shortage

These issues are affecting all bridal salons and almost every manufacturer. Feel free to contact me with any questions at (814) 371-9700 or


Dori Samanka – Owner, Trousseaux

Reprinted with permission from




Signs the website is a scam:

The photos are not identified by a designer but rather a hodgepodge of photos from lots of designers. If you are getting a real dress you had better believe that the designer wants you to know you are getting an authentic dress.

Color options from the designer are limited, but on the website you can get it in any color. Most designers will limit the color options on a dress to maintain the integrity of the design; if you can get it in any color you want it is not coming from the designer.

The English sounds like it went through the Google translator.

Shipping talks about customs, duties and additional fees. If a dress is being cleared through a designer you won’t be responsible for these fees. If it is sent to you as a “sample” or “gift” you are not getting the real deal.

The ship time is significantly shorter than a gown that comes from the designer at the store you visited. When a dress comes from a designer there are certain check points in place that verify the structure and beadwork matches the original patterns and design; these take place numerous times before you ever see the dress. If you are getting the dress super quick, steps are being skipped or no one is checking at all.

The price is significantly less than when you Google the style number and designer name.

To maintain the designer’s name there is a certain price that comes with that dress. This is the same as buying shoes. The real Christian Louboutin’s are not $49.99. Those are plastic knockoffs that will be killing your feet after twenty minutes.

There is no physical address that you can deal within the United States. If they are not located in the United States they don’t have to follow the laws here in the United States. Think of “Peggy” in the Discover commercials; is that really who you want having your credit card information?



A recent client said...

Thank you for the exceptional hospitality, and service Trousseaux's gave me while I was planning my wedding.  I highly recommend your Bridal Shop to any future brides. Everyone made me feel comfortable and at ease while going thru this process. You definitely have a trustworthy establishment, and I wish you the best in this business.

Diane, a Phillipsburg bride, wearing her beautiful Trousseaux Bridal wedding gown
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