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Why buy your gown from Trousseaux versus from a "big box" store or off the internet

Buying Your Dress... Not Just Shopping!

  • To build a personal relationship with the people / store that / who are helping you with this most important dress purchase you will ever make.
  • Easy access to the experts for fitting, altering, cleaning and preservation of your gown. We can recommend seamstresses in several area locations.
  • Professional steaming of your gown so that it is perfect for your big day.  Gowns purchased at Trousseaux are steamed for free right before the Big Day.
  • Supporting your local small business and economy.
  • One-on-one consultation and advice from a professional!
  • Local and personal assistance; the internet sellers are just that, “sellers.”
  • They won’t be there for you in an emergency, or if something goes wrong.
  • Customization for the off-the-rack gown to make it your own.  (Who wants to look like every other bride?)
  • Trousseaux offers an assortment of companies and designers, a wide range of styles to fit every budget.  A “big box” store offers a quantity of only a few styles.

Kristin, a Pittsburgh bride modeling her stunning wedding gown from Trousseaux Bridal
Kristin, Pittsburgh Bride